Rustic Linen TableCloth with Mitered Corners

$61.00 USD

Rustic Linen TableCloth with Mitered Corners

$61.00 USD

Made of 100% pure linen, this mitered natural linen tablecloth is soft and easy to wash. It hangs fluidly down the table sides lending its elegance and classical beauty. Because the material it is made from flax fiber linen, it is strong and long-lasting. It does not fade and show signs of tear despite several uses and washing. Instead, this pure soft linen tablecloth becomes softer and looks better with the passage of time.

Sizes including 2" (5 cm) border on 4 sides, ( excepted for the round tablecloth). Available in our 15 current linen colors.


One of the finest, natural fabrics known to man, linen, is a hassle-free fabric derived from the flax plant, dating back to ancient Egypt.

Nearly two to three times stronger than cotton or silk, linen is a first-rate textile that offers a wide range of properties and benefits; it’s one of the most sought-after materials in the world, by consumers and professional designers, alike.

Classic and transformative, linen fabric is supple in look and feel, making it a great choice for fashion and apparel. It’s used for everything from blouses, dresses, shorts, and trousers to night and intimate wear. Aside from clothing, more and more people are opting to use linen throughout their home, bypassing cotton and silk.

Most commonly, it is used for such items as drapery and various window treatments, throw pillows and blankets, and furniture. Given the many qualities it possesses, many even use linen in the most intimate place of one’s home - the bedroom.  

No matter the look you’re going for, there are linen duvet covers, quilted bedspreads, bed skirts, and flat and fitted sheets that will meet your bedroom décor needs.

Linen is breathable, durable, lightweight, and offers a timeless appearance. These distinctions lend to even the smallest home décor accessories such as accent pillows, lampshades, and bath linens.

Further, it can also add a touch of class and flair to your mealtime, which is a time for mingling, laughing, caring, and sharing. Needless to say, linen is the leading multi-purpose textile available to consumers.

Whether a formal dinner party, a backyard bash, morning coffee and tea on your terrace, or a typical weekend breakfast, table linens are essential to setting the right tone and mood for your event.

What fabric other than linen would be suitable? None! Choosing linen table napkins and tablecloths can make time with friends, family, or your loved one feel more special, more elegant, and more festive.

Linen is extremely soft (and gets softer after each wash), thick and strong, highly absorbent, lint-free, resistant to dirt and stains, and long-lasting, making it the perfect fabric to use for any dining occasion. Lastly, one of the best attributes is the ease of care; linen is both machine washable and dryer-friendly. And, requires little to no ironing.

Table linen, in particular tablecloths are an investment. There are literally hundreds of varieties on the market to choose from, which can be slightly overwhelming.

Factors to consider before making a purchase include the shape and size you need, the décor you are matching, the color, and of course the preferred material; linen is by far the best choice.

While you’re paying for the overall impression, the three main elements you want to look for are quality, style, and versatility – all of the characteristics associated with linen.

Now, as mentioned above, tablecloths are fitting for any special occasion or gathering that involves a meal. They instantly add a sense of welcome, comfort, and warmth to the atmosphere, along with bringing color, shades, and texture to your kitchen or dining room.

At the same time, a tablecloth is a simple, practical way to transform an old, bruised, and beat-up tabletop, or to protect a table from damages. It’s also an easy and affordable way to change up your table settings to complement any event, whenever necessary.

If you’re looking for that unique tablecloth for your next event, whether a holiday dinner, birthday party, or your weekly family gathering, you’ve come to the right website.

Linenshed presents a gorgeous, pure linen tabletop collection, designed to complement every meal, for every occasion. Each made with 100% pure linen, our customers have a choice of four pieces that work well alone or together.

We have mitered border table runners, mitered corner linen placemats, pure washed linen table napkins, and a customer favorite – our rustic linen tablecloth selections.

With a 5-star rating, our rustic linen tablecloth is as grand as it is eye-catching. Its mitered corners add a bespoke detail that offers a traditional, yet trendy touch to your overall table settings.

As it hangs beautifully and fluidly down the table sides, our tablecloth serves two purposes: to boost your dining room and kitchen décor and to keep your wood table in tip-top shape, without stains and rings from plates and drinking glasses.

Irresistibly elegant, our sought-after rustic linen tablecloth does not show signs of wear or fade, despite the number of uses or washes. Our tablecloths are available in 15 Earth-inspired colors and various sizes, including custom sizes (no refunds for custom orders). If you’re unsure or undecided, we have a solution – our linen color swatch.

Whichever color(s) you choose, our tablecloths will convert your table into the focal point of the room – the ideal backdrop to all of your meals and snacks. Linenshed has a range of linen products to choose from, like linen blackout curtains and options to buy linen fabric, but the uniqueness of our linen tablecloth is unmatched.