Frayed Ruffles Pure Linen Duvet Cover

$118.99 USD
  • Pure Linen Romantic Duvet Cover with Frayed Ruffles

Frayed Ruffles Pure Linen Duvet Cover

$118.99 USD

    This pure linen ruffles duvet cover with hand frayed edges does not just protect your duvet from getting soiled but gives your bed a very exuberant and lavish comforter cover although easy to wash and dry. The flax fiber from which this quilt cover is made is known as a thermal insulator, which means that the cover keeps you cool during summer and warm during winter. The torn edges of the ruffles give your bed a unique and elegant touch. This 100% pure linen duvet cover is closed with mother of pearl buttons and features inside ties to keep the comforter in place and to make it easy for you to make your bed. Wash inside out to preserve raw edges. The ruffles are on 3 sides, the head is remaining plain for a better sleeping comfort.

    Wash inside-out to preserve the torn edges ruffles from fraying during the washing or drying cycle.

    Optic White
    Green Tea
    Indigo Blue
    French Blue
    Icy Blue
    Lead Grey
    Stone Grey
    Earth Brown
    Black Olive