Frayed Ruffles Linen Pillowcases Pair

$49.99 USD
  • Pure Linen Romantic Pillowcases set with Frayed Edges

Frayed Ruffles Linen Pillowcases Pair

$49.99 USD

    The edges of the ruffles of these shams have been manually frayed, and its decadent and romantic look will make your bed definitively very appealing. The pure linen fabric is always gentle to the touch and to your skin what is particularly important for a pillowcase your face will be in contact with for long sleeping hours. Aside from making you feel cozy and comfortable, the flax fiber the linen material is made from is known not to cause skin infections from fungi, bacteria, or allergy. This vintage washed linen pillowcases pair is closed with mother of pearl buttons for an elegant look and to secure your insert to be always perfectly tucked inside. Wash inside out to preserve raw edges.

    Price for set of 2 Pillowcases shams / Mother of pearls back closure. Frayed ruffles 4" / 10 cm wide.

    Optic White
    Green Tea
    Indigo Blue
    Lead Grey
    Stone Grey
    Icy Blue
    French Blue
    Earth Brown
    Black Olive