Two Tones Quilted Bedspread Natural/Brick
Linen Quilted Bedspread
Linen Quilted Bedspread
Linen Quilted Bedspread
Linen Quilted Bedspread
Linen Quilted Bedspread
Linen Quilted Bedspread
100 % Washed Linen Quilted Bedspread Stone Grey
Pure Linen Quilted Bedspread Stone Grey
Close up Linen Quilted Bedspread Stone Grey
100 % Washed Linen Quilted Bedspread Lead Gray
Pure Linen Quilted Bedspread Lead Gray
Close up Linen Quilted Bedspread Curry
100 % Washed Linen Quilted Bedspread Black OIive
Pure Linen Quilted Bedspread Black Olive
Close up Linen Quilted Bedspread Black Olive
100 % Washed Linen Quilted Bedspread Earth Brown
Pure Linen Quilted Bedspread Earth Brown
Close up Linen Quilted Bedspread Earth Brown
100 % Washed Linen Quilted Bedspread Icy Blue
Pure Linen Quilted Bedspread Icy Blue
Close up Linen Quilted Bedspread Icy Blue
100 % Washed Linen Quilted Bedspread Stone Grey / Chalk
Pure Linen Quilted Bedspread Stone Grey / Chalk
Close up Linen Quilted Bedspread Stone Grey / Chalk
100 % Washed Linen Quilted Bedspread Brick/Natural
Pure Linen Quilted Bedspread Brick/Natural
Close up Linen Quilted Bedspread Brick/Natural
100 % Washed Linen Quilted Bedspread Optic White/French Blue
Pure Linen Quilted Bedspread Optic White/French Blue
Close up Linen Quilted Bedspread Optic White/French Blue
100 % Washed Linen Quilted Bedspread French Blue/Natural
Pure Linen Quilted Bedspread French Blue/Natural
Close up Linen Quilted Bedspread French Blue/Natural
Pure Linen Quilted Bedspread Salmon
Close up Linen Quilted Bedspread Salmon
100 % Washed Linen Quilted Bedspread Optic White
100 % Washed Linen Quilted Bedspread Optic White - Folded
100 % Washed Linen Quilted Bedspread Optic White - Closeup
Linen Quilted Bedspread

Linen Quilted Bedspread

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Whether you refer to it as your sanctuary or safe haven, the bedroom is one of the most intimate places in your home.

Not only is it a space where an abundance of time is spent, it’s a place where respite occurs, dreamy lands are created, and sunny mornings awaken you.

Those reasons alone, the bedroom is deserving of the utmost attention. From the placement of lamps to the organization of the clothing closet, the bedroom is your private space to fill with items that are characteristically you.

One of the most visible displays of individuality in one’s bedroom is the style and flair of the bedding. Colors and patterns, materials and textures will determine the tone, feel, and atmosphere of the room, alongside the bed dressing.

Traditionally, cotton has been the textile of choice for bedroom décor, but the popularity of linen fabric has surpassed its competitor. Professional designers and decorators deem linen, one of the world’s finest materials, as “premium”. In other words, it’s a superiorly suitable textile for anything from apparel to the bedroom, one of the most important rooms in any home.

Derived from the flax plant, linen is no match for cotton or silk, when it comes to strength; it’s nearly two to three times stronger. While there are several attractive and worthwhile fabrics available to consumers, very few, if any, can outperform linen in natural strength, durability, and luster.

Other distinguishing features of linen include its reputation for softening over time, with each wash; it’s hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial properties; its resistance to shrinkage; and its versatility.

Linen is simply perfect for bedroom décor, especially bedding.

As you think about the design of your bedroom, top of mind items involve mainstays such as sheets, pillowcases, and bed skirts. Yet, one of the most essential aspects of any bedding is the outermost layer – the bedding topper.

Comforters, duvet covers, and such, boast a commanding presence. Having more of a decorative purpose, bedding toppers are the most dominant and visible elements of the entire bedding framework. Thus, your selection should be made with careful consideration.

Linenshed has a superb line of 100% pure linen bedding toppers – seamless duvet covers, gathered ruffle curtains, and a fan favorite, linen quilted bedspreads. With the power to choose from several styles, your bedding ensemble comes down to your vision, personal taste, and the overall scheme of the room. Think of a bed topper as the one element that forges cohesiveness.

In addition to appearance, the type of fabric you choose will make all the difference in your place of R&R. Linen bedding is known to influence sleeping patterns, which is pertinent to good health. Studies have found the fabric to stimulate blood flow, promoting relaxation. Thus, one tends to fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and wake feeling rested.   

Linen is also one of the most thermally adaptable fabrics. Acting as a temperature regulator, it will keep your body warm on cold winter nights, and cooler on hotter nights. Creating the perfect climate for a perfect night’s rest.

Knowing that linen fabric is as rich and deluxe, as it is healthful, makes choosing it for bedroom décor an effortless decision.

As mentioned, our linen quilt is one of our many admired bedding items. With a modern, timeless style our bedspread almost irresistibly invites touch. It’s made with 100% soft washed European linen, giving it a lavishly visible texture and eye-catching appeal.

Filled with 100% cotton batting, our linen quilt delivers and ensures a cloud-like comfort as you sleep peacefully each night - a quality unmatched by other fabrics.

With a seamless pure linen top and bottom quilted surface, our customers have the autonomy to assert their color preferences. Choosing from our 15 Earth-inspired hues, including french blue, salmon, ivory, green tea, and natural, our bedspread quilts are available in solid colors or two-tone combinations.

Following our website prompt, customizing your linen quilt has never been easier. If you prefer a two-tone bedspread, select your first and second color choices, which coincide with the top and bottom fabric. If a solid color is warranted, select the same color twice.

For those less confident about matching colors, we suggest purchasing our swatch card prior to ordering. Due to the demanding craftsmanship of this product, it is not eligible for return or exchange. In turn, it is imperative to be certain about your selection.

As with color, Linenshed also offers size customization, upon request. Our standard sizes range from crib (36” x 60”) to California king (102” x 100”).

Unlike some other fabrics on the market, linen provides a level of affluence that is highly prized by consumers around the globe. Regardless of your reasons for choosing linen fabrics, one notion holds true – linen is one of the finest, most universally adaptable fabrics on planet Earth.`


The first colour on the listing is applied on the top of the quilted bedspread, the second colour listed is on the back. If you wish to have your quilted bedspread in a single colour, top and bottom, just select twice the same colour.

We can also customise the size upon your need, just ask for a quote.

Please note this item is requiring long hours for making and is therefore not eligible for return or exchange. if you are not confident about the colour prior to order, please purchase a swatch card from our store.


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All our bedding and clothing items are made from the same highest quality French linen featuring the same weight ( 185gsm / 5.50oz sq yd) , thread count and feel.

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All our linen products are machine washable and come with a care label with washing instructions. Please visit our page for full care instructions.

What should I pay attention while ordering a fitted sheet?

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Our Standard size is 15" / 38 cm.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Diane Walker
Pink on Pink

Very happy with this purchase!

Tony Tillman
Lovely coverlet

I am enjoying the linen coverlet. It is a nice weight, not too heavy. It washes well. The colors are great

Lois Cheetham

This is a Xmas present for my granddaughter and I know she will love it.

Stina Backman Virmaja

I´m very satisfied with my order. The bedspred is perfect.

Chelsea Webber
Love linenshed

we've had the sheet set and double sided duvet for a couple years, and just got the quilted comforter for summer. the linen is fabulous quality and i'd never buy linen anywhere else!

Libby F.
Beautiful bedspread

We love this bedspread. We ordered the dark grey and mustard- they are very rich colors and go great together. The bedspread is a little warm on hot nights, but it’s overall lovely.

Stacy S.
High Quality

Bought this bedspread to go with new linen sheets and curtains to complete our new master bedroom make-over. High quality and very warm as we enter into cold winter nights on the east coast! Gorgeous color, too.

Robin M.
Perfect quilt

This is my 4th purchase from Linenshed since 2005. The textures and colors of the fabrics are still wonderful after years of use. This quilt has such a nice weight and the color combinations are perfect.

Eitan D.
Very comfy

Very comfy

Virginia T.
It is high quality, comfortable,

It is high quality, comfortable, lovely and exactly the color I needed. It is visually soft as well as to the touch. I am very pleased