Linen Curtain Panel with Blackout Lining

$56.99 USD

Linen Curtain Panel with Blackout Lining

$56.99 USD
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For the duration of their existence, blackout curtains have been one of the most functional and innovative home furnishings. Originally created during World War II, blackout curtains were created with a distinct purpose in mind. When citywide blackouts were ordered by government officials, residents created blackout curtains to ensure safety.

Today, whether you are a sensitive sleeper who needs your sleeping arrangement as dark as possible, or looking for well-made curtains for privacy, our linen blackout curtains are perfect for you!

Ensuring a good night’s sleep every night is of the utmost importance. The blackout linen curtain drapes are perfect for ridding your room of light obstruction during your sleep, to make sure light isn’t a factor. Blackout curtains allow anyone to sleep anytime, regardless of time of day, by creating the ambience of nighttime. Blackout curtains are also known to reduce the noise that can come through glass windows.  In any situation where someone might need complete darkness, our blackout linen curtains are the perfect solution!

In addition to blocking out light, our blackout linen curtains are also a great money- saving resource. Did you know that up to 25% of thermal energy is lost through windows? With blackout curtains, heat is retained and vice versa, keeping heat out in the hot summer months. Blackout curtains can cut down this loss by a 25%, reducing your utility bills and greenhouse gases.

The blackout lining on our blackout curtains are made from a heavy weight cool whitish/grey tone polyester fabric that brings elegance to your window panels. It’s attached only on the upper seam to preserve the beautiful flow that pure linen curtains offer. All our bedding and clothing items are made from the same highest quality French linen featuring the same weight (185gsm / 5.50oz sq. yd), thread count and feel. Each linen blackout curtain is available in four sizes to match any size window size and if our customer’s have the need, we offer completely customizable sizes, in a variety of twelve different colors to match a room perfectly. You can choose between back tabs or woven heading tape fixture, in case you wish to hang your curtains on a rod or a rail.

The curtain panel is sold individually, and can be customized to any size upon request. For a perfectly dressed window, just drop us an email with your window measurements and get your curtains precisely custom sized with no delay. With our without-cotton or blackout lining, plain or ruffled look, choose among 15 earthy linen hues for your desired blackout curtains. Ask for your quote now!


Care Instructions for Our Blackout Linen Curtains

When caring for your linens, it’s important to take necessary precautions and follow instructions to ensure proper cleaning and maintain the feel of the fabric. When washing, start off by using water up to 60* degrees Celsius. Water over this temperature can be destructive to the linen fabric, so be sure to keep it below 60* Celsius. We recommend using natural or mild detergent and soaps when washing linen fabric. The gentleness of natural and mild detergents is great for cleaning the fabric without being too strong and abrasive to the naturalness of the linen fabric. Abrasion from overloading the drum can also harm linen sheets and can wear down the fabric much faster. Last but not least, never use bleach on these linens! It’ll destroy the fibers and begin to wear out the fabric. Drying our linen products is straight-forward and simple. Dry using low heat, on a delicate setting to preserve the lifespan of the sheets.


Avoid ironing your linen sheets! The beauty of the vintage washed linen treatment resides in it’s crumpled, aged texture. To keep this look, do not iron your linens! Do not dry clean your linens either. 100% linen bed sheets, linen bed skirts, and linen clothing should not be dry cleaned!


Who We Are

Linenshed has been providing the world the softest, most refined fabric since 2012. Made from 100% pure flax linen, our skilled artisans craft each item to be unique. There is no assembly line, no warehousing, no middleman at Linenshed. Just a team of textile artists with over 20 years of combined experience. Our products are constructed of the highest quality French linen and is available for customization to fit your exact needs. The quality of Linenshed product allows our talented team of textile artists to take immense pride in what they do.


Linen is extremely durable, breathable, and highly functional in temperature sensitive situations. Linen helps keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, whether that be with linen bed sheets, blackout linen curtains, or our linen clothing womens collection. All our linen wears exceptionally well, acquiring softness with each washing. This breezy, flowing fabric drapes beds and windows in graceful elegance, turning any room into a luxurious sanctuary. Linen is a care-free fabric, needing only a simple machine wash and an occasional tumble dry to keep it looking fresh, new, and soft.   


All Linenshed product is made especially for you, customizable from the start, so you get just what you order! Come see what we have to offer you today.

While enquiring for custom size curtains, please mention the width x Height. We advise to double the size of your window width to have nice gathering while your curtains are closed. 

This listing is for one Linen Curtain Panel with Blackout Lining.