Linen Fitted Sheet Natural

$68.99 USD

Linen Fitted Sheet Natural

$68.99 USD

This pure linen fitted sheet is perfect for everyone. Regardless of the size of sheet needed, we provide a customizable, fitted sheet made from the softest linen. Each sheet has an elastic band on the edges to make it perfectly fit the mattress regardless of its thickness. Whether you are using a king-sized bed or a single bed does not matter because all standard mattress sizes are available and special sizes can be tailor-made based on what is stated in the order form. Because it is an un-dyed linen fabric, it is environment-friendly, and a great sheet for those with allergies. Natural linen fabric is known to be used for hundreds and hundreds of years, providing the utmost comfort, and proving its intrinsic properties.


When ordering a fitted sheet it’s important to keep the size of your mattress in mind. Carefully measure your mattress if you are unsure about its size, and check which size you need out of the sizes we offer, and determine if you need to get a deeper pocket size option. If you need a custom size, select the closest size and specify the measurements in the “Special Instructions” area before checkout. The better fitting the sheet, the more comfortable for your bed! And to add to that comfort, pair your linen fitted sheet with linen duvet covers!


While a little rough at first, the fitted flax linen sheet reaches softness wash after wash. The sheet breaks in specific to the way it’s owner uses and cares for it. If you have sensitive skin, it’s advised to choose one of our dyed linen products, each one having it’s own texture due to each dye properties to obtain the particular tone, mixing harmoniously with one another. Experience the luxury of sleeping in a bed covered with a premium flax linen bedding today!


Our fitted sheets come in all of the following sizes:

  • Twin - 39” x 76”
  • Full Double - 54” x 76”
  • Queen - 60” x 80”
  • King - 76” x 80”
  • Cal King - 72” x 84”


Features for Linen Fitted Sheets

  • 100% Soft Washed Linen from French Flax
  • Very comfortable, works as thermo/cooling regulator
  • Standard pocket size 15” or a larger pocket height up to 18”
  • Linen material is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-allergenic
  • Machine washable
  • Soft linen material that becomes softer after each wash
  • Easy care, no ironing needed and won’t shrink
  • Stronger than cotton fabric sheets
  • Customizable sizes with elastic band for a perfect fit



Care Instructions for Our Linen Fitted Sheets

When caring for your linens, it’s important to take necessary precautions and follow instructions to ensure proper cleaning and maintain the feel of the fabric. When washing, start off by using water up to 60* degrees Celsius. Water over this temperature can be destructive to the linen fabric, so be sure to keep it below 60* Celsius.


We recommend using natural or mild detergent and soaps when washing linen fabric. The gentleness of natural and mild detergents is great for cleaning the fabric without being too strong and abrasive to the naturalness of the linen fabric. Abrasion from overloading the drum can also harm linen sheets and can wear down the fabric much faster. Last but not least, never use bleach on these linens! It’ll destroy the fibers and begin to wear out the fabric. Drying our linen products is straight-forward and simple. Dry using low heat, on a delicate setting to preserve the lifespan of the sheets.


Avoid ironing your linen sheets! The beauty of the vintage washed linen treatment resides in it’s crumpled, aged texture. To keep this look, do not iron your linens! Do not dry clean your linens either. 100% linen bed sheets, linen bed skirts, and linen clothing should not be dry cleaned!



Who We Are

Started in 2012, Linenshed has been providing the world in the softest, most refined fabric. Our 100% pure flax linen is the highest quality of French linen available, crafted uniquely by our skilled artisans. There is no assembly line, no warehousing, no middleman. Our products are constructed and customized to fit your exact needs and specifications. Our talented team of textile artists have over 20 years of combined experience, skilled in textile design and prideful in the quality of product they construct.


Linen is the perfect fabric for everyday use. It’s extremely durable, breathable, and it adjusts to your body's core temperature quite nicely, making our pure linen fitted sheets a great choice for every season. Linen helps keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, acquiring softness and characters with each wash. This breezy, flowing fabric drapes beds and windows in graceful elegance, adding to the design of every room. Linen is a care-free fabric, needing only a simple machine wash and occasional tumble dry to keep it looking and feeling fresh.


Offering a full, enchanting line of the softest linen bedding available as well as coordinating curtains and our collection of men's and lady's leisure wear, Linenshed dresses yourself and your space in unparalleled appeal. All Linenshed bedding is made custom for you. Come see what we have to offer, and what bedding needs we can fulfill for you today!